Hello planetKDE

Hi everyone,
my name is Bernd Buschinski (buscher), I am a konversation developer mainly responsible for the dcc part. So if konversation crashed with a dcc backtrace( which will never happen because konversation is rock solid :p ), it was likely my fault.
I am a Computer Science student and just finished my internship. I worked on a screenreader called SUE (Screenreader and Usability Extensions) which is currently aimed for working on the GNOME desktop, but not limited to only work on GNOME. With more back-ends it could, more or less, easily work on any OS and WM (assumed we have some kind of accessibility infrastructure there).

So from now on I will try to keep you up to date with recent exciting konversation changes and maybe some other smalls things too ;-)

4 Responses to “Hello planetKDE”

  1. Jucato Says:

    Welcome to the land of the aggregated! (or akregated :P)

  2. Kevin Kofler Says:

    If SUE works with pyatspi2, you will get Qt support with no extra effort thanks to qspiaccessiblebridge.

  3. jospoortvliet Says:

    Hey, you, welcome to the planet, the KDE community and esp Konversation ;-)

    I’m a Konvi user so I really appreciate anyone who works on it ;-)

  4. buscher Says:

    thx everyone

    @Kevin Kofler: we use pyatspi(1) and so I think with only some very minor changes it should work with pyatspi2
    And as we didn’t find mutch acceptance in the gnome community maybe kde will give us a warmer welcome, but I am basically out of the project now :/

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