Konversation 1.4 Beta 1 released

Yeah! It’s been quite a while but finally Konversation 1.4 Beta1 is here! The first pre-release of our next major release, with many changes and fixes.

A brief selection of highlights:

  • URL and email detection in text views has been rewritten from scratch, greatly improving the handling of various types of URLs and the contexts they might appear in.
  • Extensive improvements to IRC formatting code handling, including the return of background color support.
  • Extensive, sometimes full rewrites of user interface elements such as nearly all context menus, the URL Catcher and the Warning Dialogs system for a long list of user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improved SSL connection behavior.
  • Translation support and various other improvements in several bundled scripts.
  • Expanded Python scripting support via the introduction of an API support package.
  • Support for more IRC numerics.
  • Various bugfixes to input line command handling and connection behavior.

A full list of all new features and changes is available on http://konversation.kde.org/.
I really really love those long and detailed changelogs. :)

In case you are still using Konversation 1.3.1 and experience strange crashes since Qt 4.7.4 update, I highly recommend you to use this 1.4 Beta 1. Or if you really want to stay with 1.3.1 you could fetch the latest commit from the 1.3.1 branch.
Please also note that we have at least one minor style fix for Qt-4.7, so again update is recommend.

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