My personal top programs of 2011

In case you didn’t notice it’s already 2012!
Time to honor my personal top programs of 2011. Yeah I am a bit late, this is usually done before the end of the year.. but I had to think about it very carefully! *caught*

Top Dominator – KDevelop
KDevelop really is teh IDE. And now even for python!

Top Coloriser – Krita
Krita, what a wonderful painting and illustration suite. I am not an artist but this program really feels like this is how a painting program should be. I even brought a graphics tablet for it. And even if you don’t know what to draw, or can’t draw at all, playing around with the different brushes is fun enough :)

Top Underdog – Calligra Words
Calligra Words, it was so much fun watching how much it has improved since koffice. It’s not perfect yet, but it already displays *.docx way better than LibreOffice (compared to LibreOffice 3.4.3, “for my needs, may be different for you”). The editing part currently doesn’t seem as good, but I am sure it will improve 2012 a lot!

Top Playground – Blender
Yeah not a KDE program, but really worth mentioning. Blender, also improved a lot since 2.4, I would say since 2.5 its finally “useable” for me. I only use it for playing around, first for physic simulations and since 2.61 it offers more nice features like cycles. Again I am no artist, but I am sure a real artist could do amazing things with blender. Here is a little evening project (with the help of a nice tutorial) which was fairly easy to do in blender 2.61 (blender internal render, no cycles).

If you don’t like my personal top XYZ of the year, or have some more, feel free to leave a comment :)
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5 Responses to “My personal top programs of 2011”

  1. icwiener Says:

    My top underdog is definitely Okular.
    It always takes something to refuel my love for Okular: sitting in front of a Windows system using Acrobat Reader.
    But it works all the time. After that I really appreciate having Okular. It’s just that it’s so unintrusively awesome. :)

    Konversation is another underappreciated player in the KDE game. It’s just there without making a big fuzz out of its existence.

  2. STiAT Says:

    My top underdog is Okular as well. I use it like .. every day, and I don’t realize i’ve just been reading the document in Okular. It’s there, it just works, and it works great.

    Calligra Words .. well, still evolving, I’ve massive troubles with tables (in the latest source builds). But I definitely have high hopes for it to become a very great program some time soon.

  3. Ann Says:

    Nice list! I have to say that I also reallu like Okular but I think my favorite application is Akregator. Just recently started using it and I think is really great. In fact, I’m typing this from the program itsef, that is really nice.

    I think I’ll try Blender and Krita as well! :)

  4. Milian Wolff Says:

    Thanks for the flowers re KDevelop :)

  5. Noughmad Says:

    The KDevelop praise is well deserved, I would say that it is my favourite program as well. Except, maybe you have just a little too many projects opened, there is a thing called sessions :)

    Of course I’m biased, as I don’t use the other three at all. Krita and Blender are for artists, which I am not and don’t even want to be. As for Calligra words, being a physicist pushes me well into the LaTeX/Okular camp.

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