Yay for kjs/khtml

Just a quick note: kjs/khtml can run the ecmascript tests :D
previously it would just freeze in test S. (Bug 276629)
Fix is currently in review, so not yet commited and may need more cleanup.

Here the screenshot you are all waiting for

The results are currently “not so good”(compared to other browser), but I hope I can improve them :)
And now time for a *happy dance*

6 Responses to “Yay for kjs/khtml”

  1. moltonel Says:

    Cool :) Keep up the good work :)

  2. Daniel Says:

    This is awesome! It’s good to know is still wok done in KJS/KHTML. I used webkitpart for my konqueror, but it’s nice to have options.

  3. m_goku Says:

    Good to see a news on KHTML/KJS. I’ve missed it so much

  4. Dimitris Says:

    For me is very important as i use konqueror with khtml every day and i would like the application that i use to be always updated


  5. Zayed Says:

    Thanks to work in KHTML/KJS. I use it daily.

  6. STiAT Says:

    Great to see there is still work done. I’m always undecided about the browser thing in linux, and really look forward for khtml/kjs catching up (feature-whise). I’m not very happy with qwebkit as well (often crashing on flash things).
    Using opera now, and hope to use some free browser soon again. And khtml/kjs used to do a good job in the past, but with all those features in current webapps it won’t support a few things.

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