kjs, its over 9000!!

Its over 9000!!
Over 9000 tests passes in the ecmascript test :)

Yes, I am still working on kjs, not as fast as I expected to be but… it’s coming along :)

Plus Bonus: We have more than 100 tests that kjs passes and firefox-11 & rekonq(with Qt 4.8.1 webkit) fail. Most of them are related to Object.defineProperty(array, “length”, ..) which firefox simply does not really support. I am not really sure if it is used in real world anyway.
NOTE: this is not array.length = foo;

But yes, as you can see kjs still has over 2500 fails and we are not faster. So kjs is not yet teh javscript thing, but please grant me this tiny moment of joy :)

8 Responses to “kjs, its over 9000!!”

  1. Dimitris Says:

    Very good news, ouf! my browser is still supported. I would like to continue using konqueror so it is very important to know that people still develop it.

    Congratulations and keep going!

  2. Omid Says:

    Keep going man.
    It’s fun, at least. And It is useful, to many of us.

  3. m_goku Says:

    Very nice, keep going.
    I use Konqueror for quick browsing, so any improvement on it are appreciated.

  4. Andrew M Says:

    I still use konqueror every day. Great work !

  5. Daniel Says:

    This is really cool! I wish I could find the time to work on kjs some day. Congrats!

  6. Andrea Diamantini Says:

    Many compliments for your job! Keep it up!

  7. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    Thanks very much to everyone working on KJS and KHTML. It’s still the main combination I use for web browsing. So any improvement is very much appreciated.

  8. JanKusanagi Says:

    It’s always great to see news about Konqueror/KHTML development :)

    Thanks for all your work!

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