When I get bored…

Its Saturday night, Germany just won again Denmark (soccer), and I am bored, so what can I do?

Lets code something fun, like I used to do back then, just to see if I can do it. And there is something I always wanted to do but never did. A webcam-ascii-dcc-chat.
And here it is:

As I always do the konversation DCC stuff this was no problem, but even the webcam and ascii part, thanks to aalib and HAsciiCam, was really easy. But this will never end up in a real konversation, or at least I won’t do it, because beside from the fun fact its utterly useless. So no gain, only pain maintaining it. If you still want to try it

Thanks to my weak git rebase –interactive skills I managed to the change the author of my
“Implement DCC HasciiCam” commit, I didn’t even know that this was possible but if you can tell me how to change it again I would be happy :)

In other more sane konversation news. Konversation(currently only git master) support SASL for quite a while now and we have a very nice userbase page about how to use it.
http://userbase.kde.org/Konversation/Configuring_SASL_authentication. There are more new features, but this might be the most important one for all mobile-freenode users.

5 Responses to “When I get bored…”

  1. fasd Says:

    Great fun, can I propose you to join other projects and write skype-killer for fun? ;) Skype is going to be adware and open source world needs good video voip chat application.

  2. Hugo Parente Says:

    git rebase -i commit-hash~1
    type “e” in the desired commit.

    git commit –amend –author=”name ”
    git rebase –continue

  3. Hugo Parente Says:

    hmmm the <email> went away by the markup

  4. buscher Says:

    that worked thx :)

  5. nsrfgyuh Says:

    Any chance for OTR support soon? :)

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