kjs finally under 1000 fails!

Hello again planet,

I finally got time to konquer the kjs world once more. I was kinda busy in the past month and I still am. Many month have past and kjs was still over 1000(1004) fails in the ECMAScript Testsuite. But finally I broke the 1000 fails border, with implementing Function.prototype.bind, there are now under 1000 fails, even better also under 900! „Only“ 895 fails now.


But if you look more closely at those 895 fails… ~700 are from strict testcases, which is like no gain for the user, ~100 are some not deletable properties of the standard builtin Objects, minor gain in some special situations for the user, and ~50 are because of some special call usage with null and undefined, maybe minor gain. So overall kjs is not in a bad shape…. function wise…

But sadly… I couldn’t commit any patches, they are still waiting for review, so don’t be surprised if your konq still shows 4147 fails.
Anyway… hurray! personal goal reached! My patch-bomb makes the fails go down from 4147 to 895 :)

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  1. Louis M Says:

    So, now Konq will perform better than Rekonq (and Chromium?) at this test ! Great news :-D
    I’ve just tested and Reqonk scores 945 fails on Ubuntu 12.10 (using a recent Git snapshot).

  2. Louis M Says:

    Ooops ! Firefox 170, Chromium 9… And they are so faster, too…
    That meens you guys (and me too) will have work to do for a while. Not that bad, finally ;-)

  3. JanKusanagi Says:

    Great job, thanks!

    Konqueror with KHTML engine as primary browser here ;)

  4. Jonas Lihnell Says:

    Looks good, is there any plan on optimizations to get efficiency now that you achieved a good compatibility result?

  5. isemenov Says:

    Brave soul.. a few dozen Google engineers (which are, on average,10% short of a genius) have been and still are working on that task, honestly I don’t think you can replace them, but for a positive and productive pastime, why not code that! Wish you luck and not to lose steam along the way.

  6. DigitalFreedom Says:

    Thank you for working on KJS. I still use Konqueror as my default browsers and I’m really happy when any of its part improves, especially KHTML and KJS. Keep up the great work.

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