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bkodama v0.3 released

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Hello planet,
maybe you have already heard of my simple-minded kodama

it wanders on your desktop and disappears again. In case you never heard about it you might want to read this or just go ahead and install it from here.

The good news version 0.3 is released with many bug fixes and the long awaited option to control the time between the appearance. It is still just a random value, so you basically only set the maximum, wouldn’t be fun otherwise ;-)
The only new major feature is the hourly special event, the kodama appears every hour and tries to do something cool, it will not happen every hour and has a very low chance to successfully happen. Some of you might think it is not very kodama like to do something like this, but don’t fear you can disable it in the settings.

The bad news bkodama is dead, errr no it isn’t. But let’s say I learned quite a bit about plasmoids and animation and the current codebase is horrible ugly. Please don’t look at it, it will only cause serious headache.
So it is not dead, but I need to start from the scratch, for the greater good. I have great ideas about how to make it much nicer and easier to extend. Well, it’s not extendable at all currently…
I have a vision and I know how to realize it, whats left? Oh yeah… time, so don’t expect anything anytime soon, but it will happen :)

Now it’s time to try out bkodama v0.3 and I hope you enjoy the release :)